Too much screen time?
Transcend your social media
& phone addiction

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Is this you?

  • You know you spend way too much time on your phone, but you just can’t stop doing it
  • Your offline relationships suffer because you spend so much time on your online relationships
  • Your work, your studies, your dreams – you just can’t seem to give them the priority they deserve
  • Each time you go onto social media, you sense anxiety, stress, and you come away with a gloomy mood
  • Your family would love to be with you more, but… that damn phone…

If you resonate with the above, then maybe it's time to disconnect a little from tech. Not forever, not completely, but enough to connect with yourself first. So that you can re-connect with the online world in a mindful way. The tech companies are succeeding in monetizing your attention, while you're sacrificing your life. This has to end now. Learn more about phone and social media addiction.


If you, your spouse or your children are struggling with social media, smartphone and screen addiction, and you want to talk about it, feel free to reach out for a FREE 45 minutes consultation call. We will see if I'm a good fit to help you (and your family) transcend this issue for good. I will give you as much value as possible, so you can take immediate steps to create a better relationship with your device and social media accounts.


If you use an iPhone and you want to spend less time on your phone, then this course is for you. You don't need to stop using your device - instead, transform your iPhone into an ally instead of an enemy. I don’t just help you with stopping “liking and posting” your life away, but help you to focus more on your own development and on what you want to do with your life as well. Live your life with purpose and addiction free.

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Coach | Phone & Social Media Addiction Expert

Johan Versteegh

As a coach and phone & social media addiction expert, I don’t just help you regain back control of your life from tech, but also to become self-actualized.

I can help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be while using your devices in a mindful way.

The purpose is to create a limitless life for yourself and with the people you love without your smartphone and social media owning you.

It is time to use your social media apps, instant messaging apps, and mail apps wisely and to end your devices’ “jealous” behaviour.