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Ask Yourself the Right Social Media Questions


When we approach someone or meet someone, questions will be asked.

You ask questions to get information from that person.

The more information you gain, the more opportunity there is to connect with the person.

You learn about the person. You understand what the person is about it.

You find out if this person is someone you want to talk to again.

The above mostly happens when the questions are right.

The better the questions, the more you may understand how someone operates on an emotional and spiritual level.

While we do ask questions, we don’t always ask deeper ones.

This doesn’t only apply to others, but to ourselves as well.

While the whole concept of why asking questions is a no-brainer, it’s interesting that we don’t ask clear questions to ourselves.

We don’t really have such deep conversations with ourselves.

If we have established that we ask questions to know one another, why don’t we attempt to know ourselves better?

Why don’t we get to ask the hard questions to ourselves?

We may have many answers to deep questions, but are we actually conscious of those answers?

Have we really contemplated challenging questions we don’t always dare to ask others?

Asking questions is a vital activity that we should be taking on.

This is one of the reasons why people journal: to have a conversation with oneself, to gain clarity of one’s own feelings and answers.

It isn’t always comfortable. No wonder we oftentimes avoid asking the hard questions to ourselves.

We may know the answer but we don’t like it, we don’t want to be thinking about it.

When you’re not happy with your social media and phone use, it’s time to ask yourself some questions.

Ask yourself the following questions after a phone session or social media session:

  • What have I learned? Have I learned something?
  • Has this session benefited me in any way? What have I gained from this?
  • How do I feel about it? Did I feel happy about it? Do I still?
  • Have I built a connection with someone? Has this improved a relationship?

Get honest with yourself.

Write your answers down.

Get a clear look at those answers, have them out there.

Carefully analyze the results after each session and see what activities you should reduce.

Make it clear to yourself why you want and should reduce your screen time.

Make it clear to yourself how you want to use social media and your phone.

How do you want both to enhance your life?

Go deep and confront yourself.

With clarity comes power.

It might be provoking at first, but the result is that you will feel a lot more comfortable with yourself.

You can be yourself when you know yourself.

Besides, the better you get in asking questions to yourself, the better you understand what questions are useful when you meet someone you really want to connect with.