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Check How Your Apps Have Access to Your iPhone


In a previous video and blog, I have explained how to check the access your apps have to your iPhone.

Every time you install an app, it has some form of access to your device.

Apps can have access to e.g. your microphone, camera, contacts, and location.

There are 2 ways how you can check and disable this access on your iPhone.

One way is to simply go to settings and then scroll down where you see a list of all your apps.

The second way is to go to settings, privacy, and then you can tap a specific iPhone feature like photos.

By the way, when you tap on photos you see read and write. This means the app can both view the photos in the Photos app and save photos from the app to the Photos app.

Do double-check this access as you will probably ask yourself:

Why does this app have access to the mic/camera/my location!?