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Declare Out Loud Why You’re On Your Phone


A strategy you can introduce is to declare out loud to yourself why you are going for your smartphone.

Your actions should be intentional.

So be clear about why you go for your phone and what apps you are planning to use.

If you are in a situation where you are not alone and you don’t feel comfortable making such declarations out loud, think them in your mind.

This doesn’t need to take long.

Such declarations will help you to create clarity for yourself.

If possible, also declare out loud for how long you are planning to stay on your phone.

If you said to yourself you will be on your phone for 5 minutes but wish to stay longer, that’s fine.

Just tell yourself (out loud) that you want to stay e.g. 20 more minutes on your device and why.

When you’re alone you want to be making these statements out loud which will make you super aware of your intentions and phone use.

Don’t allow your phone to eat you alive, remain intentional and keep in mind: it’s okay to be on your phone for 1 hour, as long as it doesn’t come as a surprise and you’re okay with that.