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Delete a Social Media App For Just One Day


Deleting apps is hard I get it.

You have programmed yourself to constantly open the app, even when there is no notification.

Simply deleting it is easier said than done.

If you think you’re addicted to social media, don’t think that you have no control.

Sometimes it’s easy to convince ourselves that we simply can’t do something about it because we’re addicted.

What can I do!? That app is simply addictive!

That’s not the mindset you want to keep alive.

Empower yourself and trust that nothing has such control over you.

You just have to develop yourself more to see your true potential and power.

While shifting that destructive mindset into a constructive one,  try to see the following experience as a test:

Delete one social media app for just one day.

One day only.

Then the next day when you wake up and you’ve finished your morning routine, you can reinstall the again.

Maybe you want to do this with a friend so you can hold each other accountable.

When it’s deleted, go ahead and observe your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations you will experience during that day.

It’s fascinating right, how an app created by Mark Zuckberg, Evan Spiegel or Jack Dorsey can make you feel and think that way.

Can you imagine now why they are so rich?

What’s important here, is to create that awareness about how you react to your smartphone without that app.

How you react to things and people and how you spend your day without that app.

Is it hindering your life or do you feel actually pretty okay about it?

You’re going to learn something about yourself, be honest, and open about it with yourself.

Then the next day you can reinstall it again (it’s not mandatory though..).

Now you know if that feeling you’ve experienced without that app is normal, or if you think you should implement some boundaries to end that unhealthy attachment.

Or try to have that app deleted for 2 days, or maybe one week?

Keep testing yourself and write down about your experiences.