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Delete News Apps From Your Smartphone


Many times I’ve said it: I understand why many people are reluctant to delete all social media apps.

There are many reasons why one wants to keep using social media apps.

Although it is a strategy to simply delete at least 1 social media app, let’s try something else.

Game apps have no reason of being on your phone if you complain about your phone use.

So delete those.

Your brain can be as creative as it wants to justify that game app on your smartphone, but eventually all those reasons can be (easily) debunked.

There are other (digital) activities which can replace game apps.

So no excuse there.

Other apps you want to delete are news-related apps.

There is so much news out there.

A large number of events are happening 24/7 that you really do not need to know about.

At least not instantly.

If we allow psychos to control our time just because they have done something unfathomable, we are in trouble.


Because there are too many of them out there sadly and unfortunately.

Bad people will keep doing bad things.

This won’t change.

So do yourself a favour: claim back your control and delete news apps.

I’m not saying to not be informed about what’s happening in the world, but don’t use those apps.

Those apps invite you to be on your phone.

They invite you to spend a large portion of your day on them in case you are bored.

Don’t let those apps entice you to unlock your device.

Use your laptop or if you must, the browser app to stay up to date.

You don’t need an account for those news apps, so there is no point in having them installed.

By using the browser version you will be more conscious of your action.

If those apps are installed, you will have opened them without any hesitation.

So spare yourself the time and temptation, and remove those news apps.

Focus on content, people, and activities that put a smile on your face.

Don’t allow any app to change your positive or neutral state of mind into a negative one.

No one should have that power, let alone an app.