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Don’t Keep Hiding Online Because of Fear of Judgement


The ego, that voice in our mind is super clever.

It comes up with very good reasons why you should not do something.

You might feel this burning desire to act on a particular idea you are having, but that voice has the power to quickly dismiss it.

The voice tries to protect you. It does what it thinks is in your best interest.

We just believe that story way too quickly.

Ultimately it often comes down to fear.

We want to learn, teach, inspire and act.

As we know, social media is a fantastic vehicle to share your personality, brand and mission.

That’s the way I love to use social media!

To use social media in such a way that it will enhance your life, not limit your life.

When you use social media mindfully because there is a certain objective, I fully support that.

If you use social media every day for multiple hours you must be good at it, at least better than I am I’m sure!

While you’re logged in anyway, why not strategize your social media skills?

Are you thinking of creating makeup tutorials?

Do you want to help people with social anxiety?

Does it look fun to show people how certain games are played?

Then go for it!

When this voice seeps in to convince you not to show yourself, acknowledge that voice and do it anyway.

People will never be able to go to the next level if they listen to that subconscious part of the brain.

Consciously you may say out loud that you do want to sing songs and post on Youtube, but those subconscious beliefs may hinder you instead.

The sad truth is that we don’t even realize this and take it seriously.

The best thing you can do is to talk back to that voice. Literally.


Yes it might be scary, but I choose courage instead

I don’t want to live my life with regrets

I deserve better in my life

I refuse to play it small

I’m ready to learn from my mistakes and understand that no one gets anything right the first time!

I choose day one instead of one day

No negative comments will hold me back


There are literally 0 people in this world who have received only positive feedback.

That just doesn’t happen. Not on our planet.

With the amount of misery that is unfortunately present in our society, we shouldn’t be surprised really.

Negative feedback can be expected. People will judge you. It’s never collectively okay.

You sit at home all day and people say you’re lazy.

You work on weekends and people say you’re not taking care of yourself.

People always have something to say.

That’s why it is imperative that you are in love with yourself.

If you wait for the good comments to feel good about yourself, you’re also going to believe the bad ones.

Do it for yourself. Know why you’re going to post 3 videos a day where you’re street dancing.

Let people say whatever they want.

It’s easy to criticize others when you’re watching Stranger Things and playing it small in life.

The people you want to surround yourself with will support you. They understand the struggles.

They have similar ambitions, they want to pursue their fullest potential too.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Aim to impress yourself.

Reframe “what if they reject me or don’t like me” to “what if people like my dance moves and skills!”

Now that’s a thought that you want to stick to because there really is bliss on the other side of fear.