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Don’t Wait For Comments, Be Your Own Biggest Fan


We want to feel good about ourselves. That’s one of the reasons we go on social media.

Not that’s the best strategy to improve our state of mind, but we like to see and receive some form of validation.

Validation makes us feel good about ourselves. Someone commented your hair looks great?

That feels good!  It’s always nice to hear or read positive comments.

There is only a fundamental problem with this approach to wanting to feel good.

What if there are no positive comments? Or worse, what if there are negative ones?

Will you believe those as well?

If you easily believe the good comments and allow them to make you feel good well…..

Then you will probably believe the bad ones too or at least you will allow them to make you feel bad.

We yearn for affirmations and compliments. Our posting is based on achieving exactly that.

The problem is that if you overvalue compliments, it makes you more vulnerable to negativity.

Don’t wait for others to be your biggest fan in order to feel good, to feel enough.

It is up to you to feel good about yourself. Empower yourself so any bad comments won’t bring you down.

We are good at being our own critic. We criticize ourselves easily. Just don’t forget to be your OWN biggest fan as well.

Any other person who is a fan or at least likes you, that’s just a bonus.

Watch the video and start improving the story you tell yourself about yourself.

You will start to notice that validation is not a prerequisite to feeling great about yourself.