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Dopamine Rush Results in a False Sense of Accomplishment


In a previous blog, I wrote about the brain chemical dopamine.

Dopamine is the reason why we can’t wait to run to our device when it demands our attention.

Nothing can stop us when we want to grab our phone.

Our full focus is immediately on our device.

The reward center in your brain releases dopamine in response to pleasurable experiences, which is one of the reasons why people get addicted to particular behaviors and substances.

Eating good food, having sex, creating art, and a range of other pleasure happenings can trigger similar responses from your brain’s reward center.

What’s unfortunate, is that we get more dopamine hits from activities that don’t take any effort.

Many of us go for instant gratification instead of actually working to achieve results.

We indulge ourselves in too many stimulating activities like watching porn, using drugs, eating junk food, binge-watching shows, and all produce a huge amount of dopamine.

This can result in a lack of motivation to go out there to find an actual partner for example or to simply get to work.

The problem is that experiencing all those dopamine hits makes us believe we have accomplished something, whether that is liking a post or posting a photo for example.

We become less motivated to go to the gym, to start writing, to basically put ourselves in uncomfortable situations where the reward is not achieved immediately.

The fact that it is easy to go for instant gratification is not the only reason by the way, oftentimes we mask our pain with pleasure.

That’s why experts recommend dopamine fasts where you learn not to expect instant rewards.

At the end of the day, the level of satisfaction is so much higher when you have accomplished something you have worked for with your own blood, sweat, and tears.

No wonder people feel much more appreciative and happy when they have “earned” success, rather than having success handed to them on a silver platter.

Don’t choose the easy way in life, that’s only temporary.

You might enjoy yourself at that moment but afterward, you often feel worse than before.

Such choices are not beneficial in the long run.

Delay gratification and live your life for the long haul.