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How Do Your Apps Have Access to Your Phone?


We don’t really think twice before installing an app.

When one of our peers suggests a particular app, we don’t hesitate to install it.

Fair play though, it’s super easy so there is really no friction whatsoever. It’s fast too.

One fact that we don’t want to forget is, that every app has some form of access to our smartphone.

An app can have access to the smartphone’s camera, location,  microphone,  your photos, contacts and more.

Now, the question is, is all that access really necessary? Not always.

This is a privacy issue you really want to address.

So when you have installed an app, go to your settings to disable any unnecessary access.

If you use an iPhone, go to settings. Then you scroll down and you will see the complete list of apps that are installed. Tap on the apps one by one to disable  any access you don’t see fit.

You can also go to settings –> privacy and tap on any phone feature to see which apps have access to that feature.

if you use an Android device, you should see these options in settings –> privacy –> permission manager. Here you can tap on any phone feature to check which apps have access to that.

Apps loooove to access your phone. So keep that in mind every time you install a new app!