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Know How Much You Use Instagram With “Your Activity”


Instagram is becoming more popular than Facebook.

At least the name Instagram is not as “dirty” as Facebook is, although Instagram is owned by Facebook.

With dirty I mean to refer to the many times Facebook made the news (for the wrong reasons) and the advertising boycott that is currently going on.

Instagram however hasn’t made such news yet.

True there are many blogs and opinions that say to watch out for excessive Instagram use (and I totally agree with that of course!), but the service is only becoming more popular.

The danger (advantage) with Instagram is that it is photo and video-oriented.

This is great when using it wisely for branding purposes. Not so much when you feel you have to post a “perfect you” constantly.

Are you okay and aware of your Instagram use?

You may want to check the Your Activity feature to find out how long you are using Instagram every day.

Check out the video to learn about the features Your Activity offers.