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Make the Search Option Distraction-Free on Your iPhone


When you want to use your phone for a specific purpose, it’s hard to use your phone for just that one single purpose.

Probably you go through this whole cycle of opening apps before locking your phone again.

It wasn’t your intention of course. But you do it because well, you’re on your phone anyway so you might as well check any apps for any notifications! Doesn’t matter that this was done 10 minutes ago!

So you want to eliminate certain distractions to prevent such situations from happening.

When you go to search for example on an iPhone, there are distractions visible.

It’s an opportunity for your phone to guess your search query before you have the chance to enter it.

Check out the video and disable this simple feature in order to search in peace.

There are many more features you want to disable, but those are for future blogs and videos.