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Most Push Notifications Are Far From Important


We all know that feeling when a notification comes in.

We feel that anticipation of what could be…

It’s a joyful feeling (because of the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine).

Who has sent me a message! What does the message say!

That feeling of excitement when a notification comes in is known to us all.

The notification is a surprise waiting for us to discover.

The problem is that most notifications are not life-changing at all.

Most don’t even make our day or ignite any uplifting emotion.

On the contrary, most notifications are simply….pointless.

When push notifications of most apps are enabled, we get disturbed for no special reason at all.

Whatever we do, we stop the activity because we hear a sound or feel a vibration of a notification coming in.

Then when we check the notification and see an update or message that is not urgent.

There goes that exciting feeling of anticipation that just fizzles out.

Disable the push notifications of most apps.

Don’t let your device fool you something exciting came in that has to be checked ASAP, when in fact 9 out of 10 times the update is not that exciting at all.

So when there are apps left that have your authorization to push notifications to you, you will at least know what kind of notifications to expect and where they come from.