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Prepare Yourself When You’re Going To Do a Digital Detox


Doing a digital detox and digital minimalism are all great options that I highly recommend.

Unfortunately, these activities are not as easy as they sound.

We become excited to start a digital detox when we are super frustrated with our devices.

Such moments don’t last long though.

When we have our moments where we are super aggregated with our smartphone and social media and say to ourselves ENOUGH, it doesn’t really last long.

Oftentimes such emotions are fleeting and you’ll be using your device a few minutes later as nothing happened.

Not all the time, but most of the time.

There are times that you really say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and you mean it!

You are super serious when you say you want to do something about it!

That’s good because now you expect from yourself to take at least one step to change your screen habits.

We may say we want to do a digital detox and actually start it, but we rarely finish it the way we planned.

When we are emotional, we tend to declare big statements like I won’t use my phone for a whole evening every day for the next 5 days!

Very ambitious, but not really practical. You’re programmed to do differently.

You don’t break such a program that easily.

When you calm down and you’re still serious about doing a digital detox, you want to prepare properly.

There are some key tips I share in the video that will help you prepare for your digital detox.

Start a small digital detox first so for one evening for example, and not for one week or more!

Let me know how it was after you’ve finished (and you still want to be online! )