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Put Your Social Media Skills to Good Use


When you do something repeatedly, you’re going to get good at it.

Your brain will help you with that.

It doesn’t matter what you do though.

You could be doing something destructive on a repetitive basis and you will get good at it.

Because of you’re phone you’re good at getting distracted for example.

But you’re also good at typing on a touchscreen.

What about social media?

You’re using it a lot right? Instagram maybe? Or Snapchat?

If you use it a lot…that means you’re probably good at it.

If you’re good at it…why not use social media more wisely?

Why not use social media in a more meaningful way?

Why not use social media in a way that makes your future self smile?

You’re good at it, you might as well use your skills to do good in this world.

Think of the type of content you post, why not become more interesting on social media?

Don’t be just interested in other people’s lives or “interesting” because you post about your dinner or that new perfume you bought.

Become more interesting. Have a consistent message that you can share online.

Post content that will make others impressed not because you’re enjoying a cocktail in Bora Bora, but because they could resonate with your message.

Post in such a way that people will contact you to say that they appreciate your content.

That your content was helpful and refreshing.

You may end up meeting people who share the same mission and interests.

Business opportunities may come up which inspires you to create actual products or programs that you can sell online.

You can set up your online business for example.

The opportunities online are endless.

Improve your image online,  use social media for good.

You have the skills already, you just got to revise your content strategy.