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Recharge Yourself First, Then Your Device


Many of us walk with our phone chargers on us.

The idea of walking around with a dead phone is unfathomable.

What would we do with ourselves if the battery of our phones ran out!?

That feeling of nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia) is one we are eager to avoid at all costs.

Human beings can be very lazy, but wow can we be disciplined when we really really want something!

When we want to walk around with our devices safely charged, we make sure that is exactly what will happen!

Unfortunately, we lack that form of discipline when it comes to more important matters in our lives.

Like our own health battery.

How is your sleep hygiene?

Do you prioritize your sleep?

When it comes to our own battery, we seem to care less about that.

Can you imagine if we use that same discipline we show to our phones?

With such discipline, we make sure we sleep on time without any distractions.

Ironically, it is our smartphone that often prevents us from sleeping unperturbed.

We even sleep with our phones underneath the pillow….speaking of prioritizing our precious devices and their apps that are making other people millions!

When your smartphone is running on 20%, you’re very careful with the way you use it.

You won’t use your device to its fullest capability.

What about yourself then?

When you don’t charge your own battery properly, what can you expect from yourself?

You won’t be operational at your fullest capacity either.

You can’t maximize your day if you only run on 30% battery from the first hour you wake up.

Stop caring more for some device than for yourself.

Once your own battery is charged, you can make wiser decisions on your social media and phone usage as well by the way.

Don’t prioritize your phone. Take care of your own health battery first.