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Set Time Blocks For Your Social Media Use


Time is our most valuable currency.

Time is literally ticking away and every single second that is passing is forever gone.

Our lives equate to an hourglass, slowly we’re running out of time.

The big mystery though is how fast time is actually is running.

For 40 years? For 10 years? For 18 months? We just don’t know.

That’s why one of the biggest lessons we humans should really learn and understand, is how to use our time wisely.

Time management is of the essence. Not even necessarily time management, time is running out without us doing anything.

How to maximize our time, that is the mission we should be looking for.

Social media loves to take our time, and we (gladly) give it away as if we can always buy more of it.

Since this is not the case (unfortunately), it is imperative that your visits to the virtual world are mostly planned.

Like any other activity for that matter.

You don’t need to literally plan your every single move in both the offline and online world, but when you do visit cyberspace, schedule time for it.

Cyberspace loves to swallow you whole for hours.

Then once it spits you out, you think to yourself: where did my afternoon go?! How time flew by so fast!?

You want to avoid that.

Schedule time blocks fully dedicated to social media.

Plan your social media time in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

You can plan and play for 1 hour that’s fine, as long as you’re not surprised after a full hour, that one hour flew by.

Once that time block starts, use the timer that will go off after that time block has finished.

The timer will “wake you up” from your trance in case you were fully immersed in your online activities.

Set these time blocks and after a week or two evaluate if you’re happy with that amount of social media time per day or per week.

You might decide to reduce your social media time and spend your time more wisely and productively.

You can still spend time online, but you may want to revise your activities which will benefit your state of mind and mental health.

Don’t let social media eat you alive, stay awake, and aware.