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Set Up a Family Workstation in the Living Room


A few decades ago we felt blessed when there was 1 workstation in our homes.

Doesn’t matter if a family consists of 10 family members: everyone felt grateful to have access to that one impressive machine.

Nowadays we all have our own devices. Sometimes not just one, but multiple devices per family member.

It’s easy to imagine a scenario where everyone with their own devices is engaging individually with their own devices.

This scenario doesn’t look great and it isn’t. Many families can attest to that.

We all live our individual lives in our homes, focused on many things and people which do not include the people in our own home.

Whether you, your spouse, or your children experience challenges with screen time: you may want to introduce a more rigorous solution.

This solution can be a family workstation.

Introducing a family workstation in your living room offers multiple benefits.

For example:

  • You have more control over your children’s online behavior
  • You have to make a schedule regarding who, when, and for how long the machine can be used
  • You have to utilize your screen time more mindfully since the clock is ticking
  • You’re not mobile so you have to do all that you want/need in a specific time frame

You can implement the rule of using the family workstation on specific days or in the evenings for example (if not 24/7).

Another tip: connect to the internet with a cable so you don’t need a WIFI connection.

Children are more vulnerable to the radiation given off by wireless devices so you may want to keep that in mind as well.