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Set Your Intention Before Unlocking Your Phone


We often judge ourselves based on our intentions and not our actions.

All of us have great intentions.

We like to proclaim such intentions with lots of joy.

Unfortunately, we often don’t live our intentions.

When people judge us based on our actions,  it is often painfully visible how our actions are not aligned with our intentions at all.

We live incongruently and it is hard to face this fact.

We talk about one thing but do something totally not related to that thing.

It is vital to always ask yourself before every action: what’s my intention?

What am I planning to do now and why?

So before you unlock your phone, ask yourself why and what your intention is.

Be clear with yourself.

If you want to check a notification and not go through the app cycle, declare this to yourself.

When you declared this to yourself, it is out in the open.

You will have to hold yourself accountable now.

You’re now conscious about what you’re about to do.

It will be harder to go through all the other apps without feeling uncomfortable.

When your program of going through all the apps starts to run while this wasn’t agreed, you will realize this.

This makes it easier to train yourself to stick to the plan which is the intention.

Or of course, you can set the intention of going through your apps for 30 minutes, then at least you won’t be shocked when 30 minutes have passed.

You have been honest with yourself.

You will have anticipated that. You consciously allowed yourself to do exactly that.

So whether you decide to use your phone for 5 minutes or 30 minutes, make that an intention you set before you unlock your phone.

Don’t say one thing and then kid yourself by not letting your actions reflect your intentions.

Live congruently and consciously.