youtube social media addiction

Why You See Me on YouTube and Other Social Media Channels


Social Media can be good while it can also be bad. It’s not neutral though.

If you don’t watch out, social media will make you stay online for a long time…

That’s why you want to understand carefully why exactly you are using social media.

Some pros are communicating with people around the world, sharing important updates quickly with your inner circle, and exposure.

It’s that last reason why you see me daily on YouTube. Not only on YouTube but also on Instagram and Twitter.

We have a voice, and if we use social media wisely, we can amplify that voice.

The choice is yours, is your voice going to be an empowering one that has a positive effect on the world, or is it a voice that others simply expect to hear, meaning without any authenticity?

Own your individuality and understand that the internet remembers.

Check out the video to learn why you can see my face various times online.

I hope your intentions are clear to you as well.