are you social media phone addiction

10 Questions Revealing if You Use Social Media & Phones Way Too Much


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There are many names out there that describe excessive phone use which is impacting one’s life in detrimental ways.

People sometimes ask: when do I use smartphones and social media too much?

In the video I present you with 10 questions you want to ask yourself to find out. The more you answer yes to the questions, the more chained you are to your smartphone.

Nevertheless, the word addiction shouldn’t be focused on too much since this may give a sense of powerlessness.

The question really is: do you feel aggravated, sad and frustrated after using screens and is this feeling constant or getting worse?

Or equally important: are you neglecting your life for the virtual world? Does your behavior start to negatively influence your life?

If yes, then that’s enough to take your battle with phones and social media seriously.

Those are clear signs that you should work on your relationship with your smartphone.

Not that you want to focus on abstinence, but on moderation, control and boundaries instead.

For some people who answer yes to only a few questions, probably just a few tweaks are needed to set them back on course in their lives.

Others who clearly answer yes to every question, will have to do much more introspection and are in more need of guidance.  

Watch the video and be honest with answering all 10 questions plus bonus questions.

Self-awareness is always the first step to change and improvement.