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Is That App You Want to Install Really Worth Your Time?


We are fast with installing new apps.

We hear about this new flashy app that our peers use and of course we got to check it out.

“If many people are using it, then there must be multiple benefits that app has to offer me as well!”

While we can quickly experience any advantages such as making funny photos and engaging with our friend’s content,  you do want to ask yourself this vital question:

What exactly are the cons of using this app?

We all have 24 hours a day. In a positive scenario, we are intentional with our time and use time wisely.

Realistically, we are rarely so thoughtful about our time.

It is easy to add stuff to our “plate” of life. We add stuff, and then add more stuff, and then more stuff etc.

What is important to keep in mind though, is that when we keep putting “stuff” on our plate, some stuff will be pushed away from the plate.

Often times, the stuff that is pushed away is exactly that stuff that is important in our lives.

You want to be mindful about this plate, if not you find your energy and attention scattered all over the place.

That creates a tiring and overwhelming feeling as you probably have experienced.

So before you decide that a particular app is worthy of your time, ask yourself if maybe the disadvantages outweigh the advantage(s).

If you do decide to install an app, remove an app that is already installed. Quid pro quo.

Don’t give your smartphone more reasons to disturb you.

Allocate a set period of time where you are allowed to engage with your phone.

The more apps you have installed, the more stressful this process becomes.

So for each app that you want to install (and for each installed app for that matter), do weigh the pros and cons.

Your time deserves that.