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5 tips From Docu The Social Dilemma to Control Your Social Media Time


You have probably seen the thought-provoking documentary The Social Dilemma on Netflix by now.

The documentary shares many insights about social media and delves into the implications of social media addiction as an invasive force in our everyday lives.

You will realize why it is so important to be mindful of the time you spend on those platforms and your activities online.

When the credits are running at the end of the docudrama, multiple tips are shared about how we can ensure social media is not controlling us and how to be an effective digital citizen.

Check the video for 5 tips that are mentioned at the end of the documentary.

One of them is to follow social media accounts you disagree with.

When you do that you won’t absorb the same content over and over again while your echo chamber is increasing in size.

One of the insights that I appreciate is the following analogy shared by the man behind Facebook’s like button Justin Rosenstein:

We live in a world in which a tree and a whale is worth more financially dead than alive. For as long as corporations act in this way and are unregulated, these corporations are going to continue to destroy trees, to mine the earth… Now humans are the trees and whales. We are more profitable while we are spending time staring at a screen and consuming advertising and providing data to these big unregulated companies like Facebook, Google, and the like. 

What have you learned from the Social Dilemma and what tips have you implemented or will you implement to curb social media addiction?