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Don’t See Posting on Social Media as an Obligation


We want to be socially connected constantly no matter what we’re doing.

The problem is that this desire keeps people from fully experiencing what they are actually doing.

Instead of landing in the moment, we have to witness the moment in order to share it.

Social media gives people a platform for the most mundane uninteresting aspects of their lives because they have to constantly be producing some kind of output of communication.

Don’t post for the sake of posting.

We feel obligated to post because we think we have an image to uphold.

The amount of posting isn’t enhancing our image in any way though.

On the contrary, the more someone posts, the more the person essentially shows he needs to constantly prove himself to himself and others.

It’s fascinating how we feel compelled to share every single thing and experience online.

Don’t brainstorm about something you can post about if you don’t know what to post.

You want to devote as little time as possible to post ideas. Really.

People are accustomed to sharing mundane aspects of their lives no one is really waiting for.

Don’t spend your time like this.

Build an image around activities and values that make you admirable.

Posting consistently isn’t one of them.