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Actively Using Social Media? Post Just Once a Day


Some avid social media users are active users or passive users.

Some are just “spying” on other people’s lives by looking people up or allowing the news feed to present a summary of the latest activities.

Others are active by posting occasionally or a lot.

The ones who post multiple times a day feel this necessity to share there day to day activities, funny memes and opinions with others.

This blog is about the latter, the people who can’t leave the experience for what it is but have to give it a second life online.

I’m not talking about the people who are active for branding purposes for example, just people who post about private day to day moments.

Try this simple tip: post just once a day. Just once.

This forces you to think carefully about which meme/event/happening/experience is best to post about.

Maybe you will combine all your posting ideas of that day into one posting?

Learn to think critically about what content you are making known to your friends/world.

Is it important? Do people really care? Do you care other people know about it? Do you feel the experience is only complete when you’ve posted about it? Are you okay with this feeling?

This will help you to control the compulsive urge, this automatic behavior of sharing constantly.

Hopefully this will also help to use your social media accounts less.

Remember that you don’t need to prove to others that you have a life.

Just because the possibility is there to post on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat, doesn’t mean you have to.

The CEO’s of all those companies are super pleased with your behavior no doubt about that, but question if there is any serious upside for you specifically.