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Remove Distracting Widgets From Your iPhone


Your iPhone loves to introduce ideas to you.

“Why don’t you check Twitter again to see if you have new followers? ”

“why don’t you check Whatsapp since who knows, maybe that cute boy/girl thought about you”

“why don’t you check Ebay to see if someone sells that action figure from the Turtles that is missing since 1993”

Your iPhone loves to bombard you with ideas, and although that is very noble of your device, it’s often not serving you.

Therefore you want to implement tricks to eliminate your phone from distraction you.

For your iPhone users out there, let’s take the Today View.

The Today View contains multiple widgets which may be helpful or distracting.

There is a widget that is probably visible in the Today View that you really want to disable.

Check the video and learn how to edit your widgets.

Check which ones you may want to add, and which ones you want to remove.