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Are You Ready for Social Connectedness Outside Your Home?

I don’t know about you, but when this pandemic is over I want to embrace the outdoors. I want to travel to different cities, eat outside, have a coffee with friends, basically enjoying myself in the fresh air.

If the coronavirus has one positive element, it’s that we appreciate the lives we were living before the pandemic a lot more.

Using our phones and social media is becoming even more tedious now due to our constant use, while outdoor activities can only be enjoyed within certain limits.

But what about when the pandemic is over? How do you want to use your phone, once you no longer have to think 1 second about social distancing?

You probably have ideas about how you want to welcome the world again when the virus is in control.

Ideas like:

  • Bonding and connecting with our family and friends who we cannot be with now
  • Enjoying our lives with new experiences that involve other people
  • Opening ourselves to the world so the world can open itself up to us
  • Disconnecting from our devices so we can connect with the people around us

In what way does your phone play a role in these scenarios?

Let’s honor our current situation that we can’t change now, by following up on our exciting intentions when the opportunity finally presents itself.

Don’t let your phone hinder your post corona plans: show your device where your true priorities lie.

This means that you don’t want to experience new events through your screen or because you want to post about them, but because you actually want to be in them.

While I imagine that many of us can’t wait to be part of our outside environment again, let’s not forget that human connectedness is found in both our household and outdoor environment and not in our devices.

If you want to talk about limiting your phone use, remember I’m just one email away.