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Does How You Use Social Media Justify the Why?


When I ask why are you using social media, people often have a straight answer.

  • I want to stay in contact with my friends
  • I want to know what’s going on in the world
  • I like to keep my friends posted about my life

Okay got it, but then my next question would be: do you have a clear indication of how long you want for each why to last?

Do you really need to spend 6 hours to satisfy the reasons why you use social media?

Social media companies like to explain why you need to use their platforms, why you need an account. There are plenty of reasons, and they don’t hesitate to bombard you (subtly) with reasons to stay “a little bit” longer online.

The how however….if the emphasis would be on that question…it won’t make sense for companies to say you need 6 hours online on my platform.

That’s why the focus of their message is on why you should use social media, and not how.

Be the wise person to ask yourself how. After all, it is your time that you are exchanging for those experiences on social media.

So take control, and ask this important question to yourself:

Does “how” I use social media really match with “why” I want to use it?