You Want to Keep Your Phone? Learn to Befriend it


We want to reduce screen time, some of us are desperate and will do anything to stop wasting time on social media and smartphones.

But…. we want to keep our phone.

Yes, there are many solutions to beating phone addiction such as the use of dumbphones or flip phones.

They offer many advantages such as limited notifications and apps.

However….are you ready to sacrifice all the other possibilities your current smartphone is constantly dying to show you?

Probably not. At least not many people are.

If you have more time during this pandemic and you’re home, and you’re looking for ways to control your phone use, then why not do the following:

Befriend your device. Learn about your smartphone.

Did you know for example that the iPhone is able to speak content out loud to you?

Learn about all the settings that may stop your phone from distracting you.

Learn about the privacy and security settings. There are multiple settings that can help you.

I’m not saying that this is the end all be all solution to end your compulsive behavior, but it helps.

The same strategy applies to social media.

Think about it. You spend so much time on social media and your phone. Take control, and improve your digital citizenship.

The more knowledgeable you are about devices and applications, the smarter digital citizen you become.

Know what you’re exactly dealing with.

If you’re a parent, learn about the social media apps your children are using.

Not just about all the dangers and risks, but about features and settings that improve and secure their overall experience.