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Are You Really Paying Attention When You Listen on the Phone?


Try the following activity when you unlock your phone:

Open 1 app, do whatever it is you want to do, lock your phone again, and put it away.

Almost impossible right! We hardly do that.

We may have the intention of opening just one app because there is a notification, but locking the phone afterward!?

“Why would you do that if you can check any updates in all the other popular apps!?”

That’s why it is challenging sometimes to pay full attention when you audio call.

Because of IM apps like WhatsApp, we can call each other for free when there is an internet connection.

This is fantastic because chatting has many limitations.

Sometimes we just want to share a story or our feelings with our voice live.

When you’re talking to someone, you probably have your device in your hand.

When you have your device in your hand and the person doesn’t see you….how long will it take before you start opening some random app?

This probably happened to you. You open all sorts of apps while being on a call.

Maybe someone caught you not paying attention while you were repeating “yes, of course, I understand, great, etc”. 

We can’t fully listen and read tweets at the same time.

I notice when I’m using an app while listening, I’m hearing the person but I’m not processing what is being said.

That’s why you want to train yourself to stay focused on the conversation only.

Especially when the conversation is deep and serious, you really want to pay attention.

What you can do is to leave the phone next to you or in front of you without touching it.

Now you’re forcing yourself to pay attention to the conversation.

If you think the other person isn’t listening, you can also ask to turn on the camera.

Of course, it is easy nowadays to video call instead of “old-school” audio calling.

When you video call you can’t really use your apps mindlessly because the person will see it.

This is an advantage of video calling.

It’s important to realize that connections and relationships are strengthened when you speak with each other over the phone.

It’s an opportunity to ask questions, to show you care, and to express your own feelings.

Don’t focus on anything on your phone while you speak and listen.

This will make the other person think you don’t care about what is being said.

That’s not the message you want to convey.

Pay attention, regain your focus, and use your phone in the way it was originally intended: to speak with another human being.