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Why You Want to Stop Loving Your Smartphone Above Everything Else


Your smartphone loves to show you all the possibilities the virtual world has to offer.

Because we are conditioned to go for our phone once we want to escape the slightest form of discomfort, we learned to love it greatly.

We sacrifice a lot for our phones.

People are even sacrificing their dreams, relationships, and work just for that small device.

The phone makes us good at distracting ourselves constantly.

Focusing is getting harder.

When paying attention to 1 thing gets challenging, you want to go for your phone faster.

Your phone is having a blast.

It helps you get better at getting distracted so you can go for it faster.

Our device is programming us without us knowing it.

We are falling into that trap with our eyes wide open.

Deep down we know we are facing these problems while understanding this is not a good sign.

We are entering a constant reactive mode. Like we are all cute little reactive puppies.

Chasing for the phone whenever it wants to be held in our warm cozy hands.

We prioritize phones and not people anymore.

When we prioritize people, they are found in the virtual world.

Let’s not forget to see our phone as a tool.

It’s a thing.

Let’s not confuse people with phones.

Let’s not love our devices and apps more than people.

Don’t start using people in your life like they aren’t important.

Trust me, when your nearest and dearest are not around anymore, your phone won’t prevent you from feeling high levels of regret.

Don’t use people and love tech.

Use tech and love people.

Stop your phone from acting like a jealous ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

Enough is enough.

Configure your phone effectively. Make it silent. Prevent it from triggering you.

Organize your phone. Prevent it from distracting you.

Deep relationships, that’s the ultimate end goal of this game called life.