social media screen addiction

Ask Yourself 3 questions Before Posting Online


Hopefully,  you know that the internet remembers.

While it is easy to type a message while being in an emotional state, it may follow you forever.

You leave a digital footprint behind, and that’s why it is vital you learn internet etiquette. (netiquette).

The values that you live by in the offline world should also be lived in the virtual world.

Don’t create a gap between the offline and online versions of yourself.

Don’t pretend you’re someone else in the virtual world just because there is a screen “protecting” you.

Make your actions and values align. Think critically before leaving any comments online.

Ask yourself 3 questions I mention in the video before you publish a post, whether that is on social media, in a comment section of a website, or on a forum.

If you’re already mindful about your posting and you prioritize empathy and respect, then there’s nothing to worry about.