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Too Selfless? Become More Selfish in Your Life


Sometimes we think that humanity is heading in the wrong direction.

We become more aggressive, mean, apathetic, and selfish.

There might be some truth to that, but I believe it’s not as bad as the media wants us to believe.

Nonetheless, such effects can exist when you sacrifice the offline world for the virtual world.

It is highly possible you will show such traits.

When you look at the term selfish, you would think about prioritizing oneself first.

While this is certainly the case in many situations, let’s now shift perspective.

If you imagine how we sacrifice our time, our energy, our health, our focus, our efforts, our future for the sake of our job, friends, and online friends, you can say that you are in fact not selfish at all.

Quite the contrary, you’re very much selfless.

While selfless alone is a goal in and of itself, it should not be accomplished at the expense of your own self-care.

We allow ourselves to be available 24/7. Anyone can get our attention through our mobile device.

We are more committed to our work (that we don’t even love to do in most cases) than we are to our own personal health and self-actualization.

Now when you think of yourself and you prioritize yourself first, what will happen?

You will eventually become healthier and clearer about the things you want to do in life and who you want to be.

You will feel more comfortable with yourself. Of course, this takes time and dedication, this is not accomplished in one day.

When you do reach and feel that level of progress, how do you think that will affect the people around you? Your partner? Friends? Family?

You will be in a much more powerful position. Now that you are taken care of, you can assist others in a much more effective and efficient way.

A happier you simply makes your close connections happier.

Fill your cup so that you can be so full your cup runneth over and you have enough to give to other people.

This is the reason it is absolutely necessary to set boundaries.

Don’t allow people to demand your attention whenever they want to.

Set up your life in such a way that you decide when you can be disturbed.

Prioritize you first. Become selfish first!

Then you can be selfless in ways not only your nearest and dearest benefit from but your entire community and even the world as well.