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Your Smartphone is Close to You? Place It Upside Down


Triggers triggers triggers, there are triggers everywhere!

We are constantly bombarded with triggers that run automatic programs.

An example of such an automatic program is to grab our device of course.

Luckily for all of us, we can introduce counter triggers in our lives!

Counter triggers allow us to wake up from that automatic program.

when we are counter triggered, we realize again that it’s a choice to use our smartphone.

We are conscious again and can therefore rationally decide to go for our phone, or not.

When you choose to grab your device that’s fine, but now you finished that action in full wakefulness.

Today’s counter trigger is applicable when your device is close to you.

The trigger is very simple: have your device upside down. That’s it.

Every time you want to grab your phone, you will quickly wake up because it is upside down.

This very simple action can become a powerful counter trigger.

Will you try it out?