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Delete Your Game Apps to Reduce Your Screen Time Today


Disabling notifications is considered as the number one advice when it comes to reducing your screen time habits.

And yes, disabling notifications reduces your phone’s ability to demand your attention whenever it wants.

Another action you should take to instantly reduce your screen time today, is deleting any game apps you have installed.

It is easy for me to say to delete your IM apps or social media apps you use multiple times a day, but people are more hesitant to delete those which is understandable.

There are many reasons why you want to use an Instant Messaging app or social media app.

For business purposes, to have conversations, to audio call, to engage in groups etc.

When you explain why you want to keep using a game app however, you can’t really hide behind a valid reason other than the desire to entertain yourself.

You have to be honest and admit that the sole purpose of such game apps is to distract and entertain yourself.

So if there is a voice in your head saying you really should use your phone less, then any other voice that tries to defend your game apps won’t be able to speak with such volume and power.

Sooner or later you will have to conclude that game apps are not serving you and should be the first to go.

Especially when you want to become more phoneless in your life!

So get rid of those apps and replace gaming with one of the many other activities you can take on.

Gaming a lot is a waste of time and results in a false sense of accomplishment, importance and belonging.

You belong to the offline world, and deleting game apps is a powerful way to allow the offline world embrace you and vice versa.


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