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Don’t Get Jealous Online, Become Inspired Instead


Scrolling through any news feed can make us feel down.

All those highlight reels make us compare our lows with everybody’s ups.

We are confronted by things and people that are currently lacking in our lives.

I’ve often said that experiencing such feelings is inevitable when scrolling is a habit.

Such feelings are reinforced when you are not taking any form of action to accomplish a specific objective in your life.

If you compare your entire life to their ups and you feel you are lacking those shoes, those happy feelings, or a family, the question becomes: are you doing anything about it?

The more action you take to get out there and make your dreams and visions reality, the more you can use such posts as fuel for your growth.

What happens is, you convert any negative feelings you may have such as jealousy and envy, into inspiration.

Jealousy makes you feel like a victim. “Poor me, he or she is leading a fabulous life and I don’t. Why bother trying anyway.”

Plus, jealousy brings you in a negative state where you are not happy for that other person.

You think that person doesn’t deserve it, he or she is just lucky. 

That’s how haters eventually become haters….instead of dealing with such feelings, they decide to use all their energy to bring others down.

Feeling envious of a person is simply not serving you at all.

This means you don’t wish the other person well. Like life is a zero-sum game:

“They should lose and I should win.”
“They should lose so can win.” 

That’s the wrong approach though and feeling inspired makes you understand that.

When you are inspired, you feel joyful for that “happy” person.

You wish that person well and at the same time, you realize you too can do anything you set your mind to.

Inspiration ignites empowering emotions like motivation, optimism, and willpower.

So when you see other people enjoying themselves (knowing of course that such posts don’t say anything about their real lives), and you’re reminded of a type of life you like to live, become inspired fast.

Meaning: end the scrolling and take some form of (small) action that makes your future self smile.

Do that before any form of sadness or jealousy tries to occupy your mind.