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Disconnect Online With Friends and Connect Offline


We talk so much with our friends online.

Because of our smartphone we can communicate with our friends every single day, every single hour.

When people meet their friends in the real world, they sometimes wonder:

What can we talk about?

My friend is already updated about everything that happened in my life.

This could be a sign that you may have issues with expressing yourself in a transparent way.

In the offline world there are no screens that will protect you.

Every single facial expression will be witnessed by the person standing or sitting in front of you.

This can make people uncomfortable since we sadly communicate more through screens nowadays.

There is a reason why people are losing their social skills.

We don’t like to expose ourselves anymore.

We are cautious online and this is reflected in the offline world.

So if you’re worried that you don’t have anything to say to your friend in the offline world, here is a tip for you.

Don’t engage in an online conversation with your friend for a few days.

Before this pause, you and your friend agree to meet somewhere in the offline world for a coffee in 3 days time.

Then as an experiment, try both not to engage in a conversation via IM or at least keep the conversation to a minimum.

You want to ask your friend something online? Ask, receive the answer and disengage.

Establish your own rules in terms of what is allowed.

When you finally meet your friend in the offline world, you’re both going to be more excited.

You will have stories, ideas and opinions to share with one another that you normally share online.

What better way to connect with your amigo than somewhere cozy in the offline world?

It is there where true connections are made and strengthened.


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