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Go For a Walk Without Your Smartphone


We bring our smartphones everywhere with us.

Our smartphones witness our every action, including anything secretive, intimate, and sacred.

A few decades ago the world looked very different.

We somehow managed to survive and stay in contact without the use of a technical device that is 24/7 in our pocket or at least a maximum of 1 meter away from us.

Now anywhere we go, we feel compelled to know what’s going on in the world and in everyone’s lives.

Not being in the loop for 5 minutes scares many phone users, but that’s exactly what you need to learn.

It is vital to experience you are okay without your device. You may feel naked but you are not.

So to start simple, leave your phone at home when you go outside for just a bit.

So when you walk the dog, leave the device at home.

When you go for a walk, leave the device at home.

When you go and collect a package, leave the device at home.

When you go to the supermarket, leave the device at home.

Those moments where you go outside for a maximum of one hour or two hours, leave your phone at home.

If that’s too challenging, try to go outside without your phone when you’ll be out and about for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Start small. Convince yourself that you can survive without your smartphone. You will be okay.

If you were speaking to someone, tell that person you have to go and that you speak to him or her later.

Learn to be with yourself. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but you have to go through that feeling in order to establish a healthy relationship with your smartphone.

All your ancestors did just fine without smartphones (you are the result of that), so why not you?