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Control Your Screen Use Now Before the Future Starts


Smartphones exist since 2007. That’s 13 years ago.

That means that kids who were born with smartphones roaming around are at least 13 years old.

No wonder a lot of research needs to be conducted regarding the effects of excessive screen use.

For now, we will have to wait and see how screens affect our lives in 50 years.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of evidence already showing that excessive screen and social media use can cause detrimental effects on the mind and body.

Since the advent of the smartphone 13 years ago, it’s fascinating to see how society has changed so much.

We can’t be without are precious device anymore. We care a lot about what happens on that screen of our smartphone.

People lose themselves in it.

When for a moment you analyze the situation from a macro level, looking at the big picture of what’s going on,  you do tend to think: how can this situation get any better?

Technology is here to stay and is not going anywhere. Tech will only become more pervasive and will integrate into our lives in ways we can’t even imagine.

So I personally wonder sometimes: will we be competent enough to use tech for good and with control?

If we already have problems with disconnecting from tech and smartphones….how do we think we can pull this off when tech is completely infused into our lives?

So if we don’t learn to disconnect now in order to reconnect with ourselves first before reconnecting to tech…how do we expect to learn or do this in 2030?

Smartphones and tablets are impressive, but I believe we haven’t seen anything yet.

Augmented Reality is going to mix the offline world with the online world.

AI is becoming much smarter and we will actually believe we are talking to a being with feelings.

Virtual Reality will become mainstream and will allow us to embody our online persona we now create on a screen.

Technology will be everywhere. In our clothes, appliances, accessories, toys…

Don’t get me wrong. Technology will provide a huge amount of opportunities, possibilities, and advantages.

But if we don’t watch out, we will outsource all our power and being to tech.

It can take over our lives and we can become completely dependent on tech…

Will we live to see revolutionary tech inventions? Yes we will.

Developments are in progress as we speak.

2030 will look a lot different than 2020 that’s for sure. So get ready.