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Be Careful Not to Excel in Getting Distracted


What are you focusing on 51% of the time?

This can be an uncomfortable question since we tend not to like the answer.

You might want to gain a lot out of life, but the focus is somewhere else.

People are smart. We often know better.

When we help our friends who are in need of assistance, we know what to say.

Giving advise is easy.

Implementing that advise in our own lives is a different story.

Although we are smart and know better, we don’t really do better.

There are multiple reasons for that, like the presence of distraction.

The brain (and the universe) are known for their potential power to help us lead extraordinary lives.

It just depends on us how we utilize both.

That our brains are adaptable is only a recent discovery (shockingly, but better late than never).

The general belief was that we are who we are. If we were wired in a specific way, then we simply had to accept that. Our destiny was basically determined.

Luckily the subject of neuroplasticity has become more popular in the last few decades, which means it is now common knowledge (hopefully) that the brain in fact adaptable.

Neural pathways can weaken where others can become stronger. You can unlearn and relearn.

The important question is, what neurons are firing? What kind of assignments do you give to your brain? 

While the brain has immense power and can help you acquire fantastic skills, it won’t push you to do so.

In other words, it can’t tell you what is good for you or bad for you.

The brain and your mind simply obey your thoughts and actions.

So if you’re complaining a lot, then guess what…your brain is going to make you good at exactly that.

Are you constantly distracted? Well, your brain will form neural pathways that will facilitate you getting distracted.

The same applies to the Universe, higher power, the great something. Whatever you focus on, that’s what you will get more of.

That’s the danger. That’s why you can’t outsource your power to improve your self-actualization.

You have to start controlling your mind. Where focus goes, energy flows.

So become conscious of where your awareness is going.

Get good at something that is beneficial to you, that your future self will thank you for.

Don’t get good at being lazy, complaining, using your phone all the time, getting distracted etc.

Set boundaries. Learn to say no. Own your energy, time, and focus.

Teach your brain to facilitate learning by keep working at it.

As the saying goes, neurons that fire together wire together.

Don’t be mediocre in 10 things.

Be intentional with your priorities and excel in 1 or 2 things first.


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