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Board Games Make You Forget About Your Smartphone


As I wrote in an earlier blog about card games,  step 6 of my 6 step formula to create a healthy relationship with your phone is “embrace life”.

With this I mean to take on activities that make you forget your phone.

Aside from card games, I love to play board games.

I’ve always loved board games, but I mainly played the typical ones like Monopoly, Stratego, and Risk.

A few years ago I learned that board games is a proper hobby that is taken very seriously.

I learned that there are so so so many board games out there and so many good ones!

This hobby really opened up my eyes in terms of how you can have a fantastic time with other people indoors.

No screens are involved (well, sometimes when there is a narrative) and there is a lot of interaction.

Other benefits are:

  • It’s fun
  • It connects people
  • It’s great for shy people to practice their social skills
  • It improves cognitive abilities
  • It improves memory formation
  • It reduces stress
  • It makes you happy
  • You forget the concept of the smartphone

Especially now with the current situation the world is facing, board games are a great activity to focus on.

Watch the video and search for a few board games that look appealing to you and your family.

Here is a top 100 board game list that you might find inspirational.