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“How Didn’t You Know!? I Posted it on Facebook!”


“How didn’t you know?! I posted it on Facebook!”

This sentence can make you feel guilty instantly for not having logged on to Facebook.

You feel bad that you didn’t know and that you didn’t comment or at least acknowledged the news by liking it.

But…why feeling guilty? Why let them think you are using social media a lot?

It is time to set clear expectations.

First when you do want to use social media e.g. Facebook less, try to focus on making something flourish.

Build, produce, write, draw, anything, and work on that. This will distract you from your phone.

Then you want to inform certain people who expect you to be online constantly that you are not going to be online as often as you were before.

Not that you have to explain yourself to others, but I can imagine you want to inform your close friends and family members who are used to see you online every day (every hour) that you will start using social media less.

It is up to you whether you want to share your plans with them, or that you say you simply don’t want to waste so much time immersing yourself in a screen anymore.

You will notice it will affect you less when someone does say to you: “how didn’t you know!? I posted it on Facebook!”

Watch the video and start first brainstorming about what you want to work on or improve, which will replace the majority of your social media time.