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Delete Your Social Media Apps (At Least One)


Rarely do I say to simply delete social media apps.

When you’re used to using a specific app not just on a daily basis, but on an hourly basis, the chances are high you will resist deleting that app.

So oftentimes I introduce other strategies that will hopefully make you more aware of your use and make you use distracting apps less.

Nevertheless…there is a reason why many say to “just” delete your social media apps from your smartphone.

If you don’t use apps for business purposes but just to share and comment, plus you have multiple accounts, then deleting social media apps is highly recommended.

It’s a simple task but a hard one to execute.

Deleting ALL your social media apps is too much of a daunting task I imagine.

So try to delete just 1 social media app instead.

If you look at the objectives of each app, you will probably see similarities.

You use these apps to share content and to stay in touch with friends, “friends” and followers.

Why not use your time better by removing one app and moving any related objective and intention to the other social media apps?

So if you communicate with your friends on Facebook and Instagram, remove Facebook for example, and keep communicating on Instagram.

It is important to remember, that I’m NOT saying to delete your account! You can keep your account, but you simply don’t access it via your smartphone.

Access that deleted app on your tablet at home, laptop, or desktop.

In order to address our problems with such distracting apps, we want to make sure these apps can’t demand our attention through any notifications or by merely being visible on our screen.

So delete at least 1 social media app and see how it goes.