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The Social Dilemma Reveals AI Knows Us Better Than We Know Ourselves


Lately, I have asked you various times if you have watched the Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix.

I think it is not necessary to ask you again.

I have mentioned this documentary multiple times in my videos and blogs.

Doesn’t mean I will stop talking about it ๐Ÿ˜€

There were various revelations that shocked me, like the fact that social media knows for how long you are looking at a particular image.

This really shows how much social media knows about us.

We think we act out of free will on social media but we don’t.

They know exactly what makes us stay online.

These platforms aka “tools” have an objective.

They don’t wait around for you to consciously choose to engage with social media.

They try to lure you and call for your attention whenever it wants to.

Social media is not a static tool like a bicycle is.

They have their own selfish reasons why they want your attention.

Unfortunately the more they know about you, the easier this process becomes.

They know that if you like topics A and B, you will 97% like C.

You have never even heard of C, but social media already knows that when C is presented to you: you will engage with it.

That’s why it is important to realize social media is knowing us better than we know ourselves.

That’s why it is vital now to go through that process of self-actualization.

To become self-aware and to introspect.

Don’t allow social media to get the best of you.

Once Virtual Reality becomes mainstream we can actually become our online persona.

Don’t give social media more power that will allow them to hijack your brain.

If you’re not aware of these risks, you are being controlled while being totally clueless.

That’s a dangerous place to be in.

Take ownership of your happiness, brain, time, and energy.

Stay vigilant when wandering through the realm of social media.