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Use Google Alerts to Stay Up to Date on Tech


Step 3 of my 6 step formula to curb phone and social media addiction is Digital Citizenship.

This step is about embracing tech and learning how to use tech, social media, and the internet wisely.

One of the strategies I recommend is to stay up to date on platforms and devices you are using on a daily basis.

If not for yourself, at least for your children who use certain apps and devices.

It is vital to understand all you can about tech your child is using.

Innovation never stops.

Tech developments never end and tech is constantly changing.

One way to stay up to date is to make use of Google Alerts.

When you set up Google Alerts, you will receive an email with the latest news on a specific topic.

You can set up a Google Alert for “Facebook”, “Android” and “Tik Tok” for example.

One of the options you will find is to choose the email frequency.

I suggest setting the email frequency to at most once a week.

Now you will receive a weekly email that will include links to blogs or news articles about that topic.

When there are new features and new happenings around an app or device,  you will know about it.

I believe it is vital to understand what we’re dealing with when we use an app, device, and gadget every single day.

We should improve our knowledge and contemplate how to effectively use a specific app and device which are notorious for distracting us.