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Disable Mobile Data of Your Favorite Apps


Apps love to use your device to distract you.

Notifications will keep coming in when you don’t disable them.

What does your device fundamentally need in order to distract you anyway?

Yes, a connection to the digital world, to the network.

So instead of disabling Wi-Fi for example, why not do something with your mobile data?

You can actually “enable” airplane mode on your phone by simply disabling mobile data.

Not that you have to disable mobile data entirely, but for specific apps only,

When you disable mobile data for a specific app, that app can’t connect to the network.

So as a result….it can’t distract you.

The only way apps can shout at you is when there is a connection.

So instead of me being all rigorous and telling you to disable the Wi-Fi as well, disabling mobile data will suffice.

Choose 1 or 2 of your favorite apps to start with, and disable their mobile data.

Now you will need a Wi-Fi connection to use those particular apps.

Of course you want to be careful! Wi-Fi networks are often not secure! (more reason not to use your apps)

But try this tactic and see if you’re strong enough to resist the urge to enable their mobile data again.

Watch the video to find out how to disable mobile data for each app.