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Reduce Your Social Media Use With 50%


It’s hard to quit something you love just like that.

Cold turkey style is not always effective but it can be.

Removing social media apps and never use them again has worked for some.

For others, the apps are quickly reinstalled a few hours later.

If you find it hard to stop using social media platforms, start by reducing your use.

Check how many times you open an app or check your daily average.

Then start to mindfully reduce your use by 50%

This can already be daunting for some.

Then at lease try to lower your daily average, and the amount you use the platform.

It’s all about small steps.

If you can consistently use an app / social media platform less than the original average and amount, you can start reducing your usage even more.

Till you’re actually satisfied with your social media use.

It’s okay to use social media, as long as you’re happy with the way you use it and for how long.