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Set Priorities So You Know Where to Place Your Energy


We have 24 hours a day. All of us. You can be rich or poor, living in the US or in India, doesn’t matter.

Time is reducing every second. Just now, another second was spent, and on it goes.

Life is like an hourglass. Slowly but surely time is running out.

A fact of life is that we don’t know when our time runs out.

You expect you will have 40 years left to spend on earth, but you may end up with 10 years only.

You may expect to live for 15 more years only, but you end up spending 30 years.

(Taking Olivia de Havilland as an example, the last surviving actress from Hollywood’s’ Golden Age who died recently at the age of 104!)

You simply don’t know.

Now, the question is how do you spend your time?

When you don’t make any proper plans on how to spend your time, you will do what is easy.

You will use your phone. A lot.

Therefore you want to have a purpose. a sense of direction. A destination.

When you have that, you’ll be able to prioritize. You will know what needs to be accomplished.

With this information, you will know exactly where to place your attention. Your energy.

You know now what you need to focus on. This prevents you from choosing the easy activities.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you will never use your smartphone anymore or that you suddenly have your screen time in control.

But….now you can work on improving your focus on that thing, on those actions you have prioritized.

Priorities which are connected to your purpose, a destination.

It’s not about becoming less distracted. It’s about having something to willingly and joyfully focus on.

Find that thing,  and you will notice that improving your relationship with social media and your smartphone will become much easier.