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Life is Not a Rehearsal – Stop Living Like an Accident


I’ve said (wrote) it often and will say (write) it again: reducing your screen time is not just about learning how to disable notifications.

There needs to be a deep desire to reduce your screen time.

A specific reason that pulls you away from your phone.

Not just an action or activity, but a deep reason that is connected to your values.

A deep awareness is required to energize yourself to say no to your phone.

A deep respect and awe of life will make it much easier to not touch your phone.

That realization that this one life that you’re living is not a rehearsal.

This it it.

These are all the cards that we have been dealt with.

There is no second chance to start life from scratch in terms of age.

You don’t want to roam around like you’re an accident.

Like you say to the fact that you are on this earth: it is what it is.  It’s nothing special.

“I just go with the flow of life”. “I just zombie my way in life.” “I just have to endure life”

With these beliefs you will only reinforce your attachment to your phone and social media.

But in that case, it’s not just your relationship with your phone or social media you have to worry about.

There is a lot more going on in your mind that needs to get sorted.

The more appreciation you feel for your life, yourself and the people around you, the stronger you become in BOTH setting and abiding by controlled screen time and screen rules.

Take ownership of your life. Make it worth wile. Make it meaningful.

That alone will basically put a stop on excessive phone and social media use.

Maybe a tweak or two is needed, but that’s all.

There’s just no universe you will lose yourself in the virtual world with such a powerful mindset and personality.