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Disabling Push Notifications Should Become Standard Practice


Are you fed up with your smartphone behaving like a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend?

Are you fed up with being a slave to your phone?

Step 1: disable your push notifications.

If you never ever want some peace of mind in your life, keep your notifications enabled.

But we don’t like when our peace is constantly disturbed (right?), so disable your notifications now.

Go through your app list, and disable at least 70% of your app notifications.

Don’t want to disable the IM push notifications?

At least mute certain contacts so you only allow your device to inform you about messages from people who matter.

Social media app notifications however should be disabled. Really.

Count how many of today’s notifications were valuable. Maybe 2? 1? 0?

The world does not end if you wait 30 minutes or heck even 2 hours till you check what movie your friend watched.

You’re fine to wait a few hours before you get back to someone if the conversation isn’t urgent.

It’s really okay.

You should train your friends and family to accept your me myself and I time is valuable to you.

They should understand you actually have a life.

You’re not born to take immediate action to every single request from some app or some person.

You’ll just be busy living your life that is basically controlled by others.

That is unacceptable.

Watch the video and find out which company came up with push notifications.

And of course, don’t forget to disable your notifications.

But you have done that already right?